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Dain Fadinzt: For Kristin

From the Kollektiv Barner 16 emerged another band: Dain Fadinzt. The members were casted by Heidi Fischer to celebrate the publication of her autobiography Kreiselverkehr. Now Dain Fadinzt stands on its own feet with the first EP: Für Kristin.


Summer break 2017

Summer break in 2017

The Station 17-TanzBar and the Lab for artistic experiments go to the well-earned summer break.
barner 16's day support, the Lab for artistic experiments will be open again from Monday the 7th of August, 2017.
barner 16's next disco, the Station 17-TanzBar takes place on Thursday the 7th of September, 2017 in the Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg (Germany).
The other parts of the barner 16 remain open throughout the summer.


Stille Vann: Speed

The first music video clip by Stille Vann is online and published in the gender magazine Mein Testgelaende: Speed


Altona opens up! feat. Singapur


On the 23rd and 28th June, 2017 Altona macht auf! starts again. Bente Varlemann and Cornelia Dörrr show in their guided tour Frau Auf & Herr Anders  through Ottensen Nord longing windows and balcony theatre. One stop is the shop-window of sieben, here the duet Singapur plays songs. This is a band by Robin Enxing and Dirk Schewe. They are a part of the Tour B, starting at 6 p.m. on the Spritzenplatz in Hamburg, Germany. Altona macht auf! is an event by the theater altonale within the altonale 19.


barner 16 Festival 2017

The barner 16 turns up! Fluorescent pompously, harmoniously shrill and fully of salary cheeky. Thus we present ourselves again with all our facets and invite you to it. An affair of the heart, an evening as a potpourri of different music styles by barner 16's bands on at least two stages, with literary accents and a mobile silk screen station. A festival which will be converted for all dance-furious, from 10 pm, into the TanzBar á la Station 17. A party, perhaps, without end. It happens on Thursday, the 29th of June, 2017, from 6 pm on in the Monkeys Music Club, Hamburg. The event is accessible. Admission: €2


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